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This roadmap will explain the process of each major release for Cloud 2. As it's still early, this roadmap can be subject to change without prior notice.


From this point, there will be no wiping of any database. Meaning all applications created from now, will exist when we launch Vapor Cloud 2.

When launching Cloud 2, if there are any duplicate apps between Cloud 1 and Cloud 2, the ones from Cloud 2 will be renamed to <slug>-v2

Alpha (Launched)

The Alpha of Vapor Cloud 2, will serve as an experimental of new features, as we close in on how the release will be. We plan on launching as many of the features needed, in an early stage. More advanced features will come during the Beta phase.


During the Beta phase, most of the API and features will be locked, here we will also have full backups of all parts of the system, in case of emergency. During beta, we will also be enabling billing, however we will be temporary suspending some of the free limitations, in order to let people get going.

During beta, URL's will still have .v2. in the URL


During the beta, we will be testing our Disaster Recovery procedures, these will be notified on our StatusPage, and we will try selecting times with least disruption.


When going into Production, we will do a full migration of ALL apps, users etc. From Cloud 1 to Cloud 2. A time for this will be announced on our StatusPage, and a time with least disruption will be selected for this.


It's important to know that apps migrated from Cloud 1 to Cloud 2 will need to undergo some code changes before being Cloud 2 compliant. Apps will be migrated and will work on Cloud 2, however before they can be deployed, there need to be done some changes to the code.

This will be shown on the application page after migration, and we will write extensive documentation on what changes that will be required.